Thanks to its integrated approach, the IHU ICAN has set up all the necessary synergies for its partnership project, which revolves around the identification of innovation and the concretization of partnerships.

The IHU ICAN’s research promotion action is structured and coordinated by the Legal and Valorization pole and supports the innovators, internally within the research community.clinical teams andresearch teams , as well as externally within the framework of academic partnerships or R&D collaborations with companies involved in cardiometabolic and nutritional diseases.

The team of the Legal and Valorization Pole of the ICAN is very integrated in all the projects carried out by the teams of doctors and researchers. It offers, from the reflection phase of their project, personalized advice on the regulatory part and on the possibilities of valuation.

Thanks to its 360° approach, the team has put in place all the necessary synergies to offer a complete service offer from the detection of innovation to the realization of partnerships. This contribution can be adjusted according to the needs of each innovation or partnership. The added value of the team extends from co-innovation to product development support for market access and its integration into innovative care pathways.

Synergies of research support

The acceleration of partnerships is made possible thanks to the integration of two strategic poles of the IHU ICAN : the scientific operations pole , as well as the legal & development pole; the IHU also benefits from the expertise of its founders (Sorbonne University, INSERM, AP-HP).

IHU Track

The ICAN was the first IHU to set up a regulatory fast-track with the URC (Clinical Research Unit) of Pitié-Salpêtrière. Coordinated by a URC-DRCI project manager, dedicated to the projects of its scientific community, the validation of the regulatory files is thus accelerated and the assemblies are made in collaboration between the ICAN and the URC.

One-stop shop

The IHU-ICAN has set up a “one-stop shop” for R&D projects, opening the door to all areas of expertise. ICAN facilitates access to its expertise, technologies and internal communities. Thus, the IHU simplifies the contractual processes for studies with academic promotion or the use of its platforms and saves precious time for all its partners.

Partnerships with industry

The IHU ICAN promotes the maturation of health innovations and the IHU ICAN has forged numerous R&D partnerships, with in particular an offer adapted to the needs of pharmaceutical, medical device and e-health companies.

Our mission

“Valorization focused on translational research at the service of innovative care pathways”

Accelerating technology transfer to the economic fabric and at the patient’s bedside is the driving force behind our development activity.

Thanks to the joint work of its teams dedicated to partnership, bringing together the poles of scientific operations and legal and valorization, the ICAN has set up an integrated and one-stop approach to partnership, in order to support researchers and clinicians as well as companies to transform their research into innovations for better patient care.

Support for internal and external innovation is organized around 6 axes:

1) Detection – Protection for Investigators and Researchers in the Community

  • A one-stop shop for researchers and clinicians

The IHU ICAN has set up a “one-stop shop” opening the door to all the expertise needed for an R&D project. ICAN has become a facilitator of access to unique expertise: technological, medical and scientific, in connection with its community of physicians and researchers and with the support of operational teams, the ICAN Clinical Investigation platform and the IHU’s technological platforms.

With its one-stop shop, the IHU facilitates the contractual processes for clinical studies with academic promotion or for the use of its platforms and saves all its partners precious time.

  • Close ties with founding partners

ICAN also offers easy access to the skills of the technology transfer offices of its founders Sorbonne University (SATT Lutech), AP-HP or Inserm depending on the nature of the invention.

Detection campaigns carried out by the IHU teams aim to identify innovations and create a dynamic of co-innovations between the laboratories and the clinical services of the perimeter (translational) but also between the disciplines of cardiometabolism (diabetes-cardio, Nash-cardio …) in order to invent a global and personalized medicine to meet the specific needs of the management of cardiometabolic diseases.

2) Getting started & test bench

  • A tailor-made grip

The offer of the IHU ICAN platforms is open to R&D collaborations with private actors and academic partnerships , and allows a tailor-made handling of each project which benefits from the expertise and support of the teams of our technology platforms.

The regulatory aspect is studied in its entirety from the start of the project in order to remove any legal and regulatory obstacles that may appear throughout the project.

Thanks to the IHU ICAN teams, regulations are integrated very early on and become a force placing technology at a competitive level. Global approach and regulatory strategy, methodology and design of clinical study, assistance in drafting the protocol, sizing of the study and evaluation of costs… all aspects of the project are studied.

  • The IHU ICAN – Test bench

The close collaboration developed between the IHU ICAN and its founders: AP-HP, Inserm and Sorbonne-University provides access to many areas of expertise in addition to those offered directly by the ICAN. The products or services are evaluated in real-life situations in order to test their technological performance, user handling and their adequacy with market needs: proof of concept, de-risking, identification of patient needs, competitive positioning .

3) Clinical proof of concept

Clinical studies can be performed in our clinical investigation platform: ICAN clinical Investigation, located in the heart of the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital, and in collaboration with the DMU ARCHIMEDE (Alliance Réanimation Cardiologie Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, Internal medicine, Metabolism Endocrinology, Diabetology And nutrition) which includes 347 beds, 57 day places, 970 professionals on the sites of the Pitié-Salpêtrière, Saint-Antoine and Armand Trousseau hospitals. The IHU ICAN relies on a network of 168 internationally renowned doctors.

The clinical investigation platform of the IHU ICAN is:

  • more than 50 ongoing clinical studies , 50% of which are industrially sponsored
  • 600 patients included per year for more than 1,000 visits

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The IHU ICAN also provides access to a vast and unique offer of clinical data and biological samples collected in cohort studies.

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4) Funding of academic R&D: response to competitive AAPs and search for private funding

  • Dedicated teams

The approach to promoting the research and expertise of the IHU ICAN community is supported by two strategic poles of the partnership, the scientific operations pole and the legal & promotion pole. The valuation carried out by ICAN is based on an integration model not only in the internal organization of ICAN but also between ICAN and its founders.

The ICAN achieves the acceleration of partnerships, thanks to a double integration of the support functions necessary for the partnership via its one-stop shop.

  • Assistance in designing and setting up projects

Within ICAN, all of the different types of expertise requested (scientific, regulatory, financial, legal and development) come into play from the design of a research program by the ICAN community or from the first contact with a partner. This organization in project mode makes it possible to anticipate constraints and integrate them into the construction of the project. The regulatory, legal and contractual stages become competitive advantages for the companies with which we work, thanks to the anticipation and their integration within the development project of the companies.

  • Help in synergy with the teams of our founders

As a one-stop shop opening up to all the translational expertise of its community, ICAN is the gateway to R&D projects. In this context, the expertise of the operational cells of the founders (Sorbonne University, INSERM, AP-HP) supports the skills of ICAN, without creating duplication. The ICAN partnership relies on professionals specialized in the medical-scientific themes of the IHU, in daily contact with the scientific community.

The ICAN was the first IHU to set up a regulatory fast-track with the URC de la Pitié-Salpêtrière. With a URC-DRCI project manager, dedicated to the projects of our scientific community, the validation of the regulatory files is accelerated and the assemblies are made in collaboration between the ICAN and the URC.

The ICAN aims to simplify the contractual processes for studies with academic promotions (AP-HP and other promoters), or for the use of our platforms.

Thanks to this one-stop shop, ICAN has become, for both investigators and private partners, a facilitator for access to the expertise and technologies of our community, as well as the global offer of our founders, necessary for the realization of projects. .

5) Innovative patient pathways

  • The IHU ICAN – a leading player in health data

The explosion of cardiometabolic diseases (diabetes , obesity , liver disease and heart disease), chronic diseases that patients will have to integrate into their daily lives, imposes a change of scale in their hospital care with the creation of innovative care pathways integrating more links between the city and the hospital and the tools of e -health to improve patient follow-up.

The teams of doctors and researchers are very mobilized and contribute with the help of the IHU ICAN teams to the design, evaluation and marketing of digital health tools.

These tools are important providers of health data. It is essential to anticipate all the regulatory aspects on the protection of health data in order to be able to carry out these innovative projects until they are placed on the market, integrated into the care pathways and the request for reimbursement by the healthcare fund. ‘Health Insurance. The holistic approach of the IHU ICAN makes it possible to control the costs of innovation in order to make reimbursement acceptable by the CPAM.

Organizing multifaceted, multiplatform data flows for end users, city doctors, hospitals, paramedics, patients, families (caregivers) is now a major challenge to make data usable. ICAN is a major player in health data in the field of cardiometabolic diseases.

  • A service offer for Medical Devices (MD)

In addition, ICAN offers a technical-regulatory offer on medical devices, including e-health tools, which covers the entire creation chain up to notified bodies:

    • Anticipation of medico-technical and medico-economic evaluation with a view to reimbursement (LPPR registration)
    • Definition of new care pathways and innovative organizational project, art 51 LFSS2018

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  • A Living Lab approach at the service of innovations in cardiometabolism

ICAN’s Living Lab approach stimulates sustainable health innovations. The IHU’s operational teams support the creation process at all stages of the project. Thanks to the proximity of the patients, to the links with the best medical and scientific experts of cardiometabolism in France, the ICAN allows the realization of innovative projects in perfect adequacy with the needs of the patients to meet the requirements of the market and to design products or services. responding to a concrete patient need.



CorWave is a French high-tech company that develops innovative implantable heart pumps, using a breakthrough technology: the undulating membrane. This patented technology, inspired by nature, is able to reproduce a pulse and blood flow speeds similar to those of a healthy heart, thus aiming to reduce the risks of complications associated with current pumps.

CorWave has therefore chosen to surround itself with major players in the cardiac field, such as the Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière AP-HP, the Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition (ICAN) and the University Hospital of Lille.

The CALYPSO program aims to optimize and then clinically validate the CorWave LVAD device developed by CorWave thanks to the very specialized expertise in cardiology of the health professionals of the AP-HP and members of the IHU community. -I CAN. The ICAN teams bring to CALYPSO the expertise necessary for the analysis of inflammation in cytometry and chromatography, as well as the data produced by current pumps in order to study all the interactions that can influence the functioning of implantable pumps and cause adverse effects.

The CALYPSO program should make it possible to validate this cutting-edge technology to provide an answer to people with heart failure who develop complications following the implantation of heart pumps. The Calypso consortium aims to place its members in pole position in the field of the treatment of end-stage heart failure.


Siemens Healthineers wants to foster scientific and medical innovation to support the development of precision medicine and the transformation of healthcare pathways.

SIEMENS Healthineers wished to collaborate with the ICAN teams to support the development of the cardiovascular imaging sector. By providing ICAN teams with human and technological resources for 5 years in order to create synergies between their expertise.

In particular, thanks to “Compressed sensing” technology, SIEMENS Healthineers is working with IHU teams to develop new, faster image acquisition sequences to improve patient comfort during MRI examinations (reducing the time passed through the machine and the number of apneas needed to acquire good quality cardiac images, which will allow more elderly patients to benefit from this type of high-performance examination.

The teams are also working on improving models of cardiac digital twins used in the preparation of interventions in order to improve multidisciplinary medical decision-making.

Medical imaging occupies a growing place in the health sector. Advances in imaging techniques now allow diseases to be detected earlier and more accurately, for more targeted, less invasive treatment and close monitoring of therapeutic response. To go further, ICAN has chosen to invest significantly in this area with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art MRI entirely dedicated to human imaging research. This ambitious choice makes it possible to give a boost to research in cardiometabolic imaging. One of the great challenges of cardiac imaging is to obtain quality images of an organ in constant motion.

The association with SIEMENS Healthineers is an additional asset for developing innovative work in cardiometabolic imaging for the benefit of patients.