Operational teams

Innovation and Research Development Division

ICAN’s Innovation and Research Valorization department is entirely dedicated to setting up projects, from conception to completion, including the key stage of seeking funding.

Each research project is unique and to make it a reality, ICAN provides investigators with a team of project managers to help them structure the project, identify potential partners within the IHU community, but also with private partners, anticipate constraints and regulatory proceedings and finally find the most appropriate source of financing. Many sources of funding exist (local, national, international, public, private), ICAN is responsible for identifying the best source of funding depending on the project. In collaboration with the investigators, the scientific operations team adapts the set-up of the project in order to give it all the assets to obtain funding.


Stephane Commans

Head of scientific operations department

01 84 82 77 90

Arturo Hernandez-Cervantes

Scientific Operations Manager

Aurelie Foucher

Scientific operations officer

01 84 82 77 93

Eric Thibaut

Valuation Manager

Leila Kara

Scientific operations officer

01 84 82 77 89

Louise Meyfroit

Scientific Operations Manager

Jasna Medvedovic

Scientific Operations Manager

Kahina Belkhir Hadid

Scientific Operations Manager


Maud Decraene

Head of the Legal & Valuation Department

Ambre Jallot

Contract and intellectual property lawyer

Anne Cressent

Generalist lawyer

Communication and Sponsorship Department

ICAN’s communication department is available to teams of doctors and researchers to help them promote their innovative projects and create communication tools to enhance their actions with their partners.

The communication and sponsorship department aims to develop the private resources of the IHU to support the innovations carried out by the medical and scientific teams.


Francine Trocme

Director of Communications and Patronage

06 81 64 97 88

Alexandra Chanrond

Communication and Collection Manager

Anastasia Gomard

Chargée de Communication et événementiel

Administration, HR and Finance Department

The administrative and financial center provides essential support in the management of innovative projects carried out by the ICAN teams: budget preparation, expenditure monitoring, management of counterparties, implementation of quality procedures, etc.


Stephanie Lapous

Administrative, HR and Financial Manager

Abdelhafid Attar

Quality Manager

Anais Gallon

Office Manager, Purchasing and Accounting

Innes Fetngo Tchakounteu

Office Manager, Purchasing and Accounting

Laetitia Wandja

HR Manager

Clinical research hubs and scientific platforms

IHU ICAN comprises 2 clinical research clusters (ICAN Clinical Investigation and ICAN Imaging) and 6 scientific platforms (ICAN BioCell Human Liver Biology, ICAN BioCell iPS, ICAN BioCollection, ICAN I/O, ICAN Omics Metabolomics, ICAN Omics Lipidomics).