A unique service offer to accelerate research on cardiometabolic diseases

The IHU-ICAN has structured, in the form of scientific platforms, a unique service offer to accelerate research on cardiometabolic diseases. These scientific platforms support the research mission of the scientific and medical community of the IHU. They are open to academic and industrial collaborations. Innovation is at the heart of their operation and their complementarity is a factor in accelerating scientific projects.

The IHU-ICAN has developed exceptional operational and human resources to structure the conditions necessary for the emergence of multidisciplinary management of cardiometabolic diseases. Today, the IHU-ICAN is able to offer high-level human expertise and high-performance services with high scientific added value.

All our platforms

ICAN Omics

Metabolomics and Lipidomics

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ICAN BioCollection

Biological Resource Center

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ICAN BioCell Flow Cytometry

Cell analysis and sorting

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ICAN BioCell Human Liver Biology

Human liver tissue and cell models

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ICAN Imaging

Cardiovascular MRI and Image analysis (MRI, Scanner)

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ICAN I/O - Data sciences

Data management, clinical statistics, Omics data analysis and data integration

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ICAN BioCell iPS

Differentiation and genomic editing of iPS, cardiac organoids

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