IHU ICAN creates a new platform entirely dedicated to the processing and analysis of health data: ICAN I/O

Identification of disease risk factors, assistance with diagnosis, choice and monitoring of treatment effectiveness or monitoring of patient trajectories… Today, data is generated massively in many scientific and medical fields. These data are grouped under the name “Big Data”. With Big Data, mathematical modelling, statistics and IT are becoming essential tools for managing and analyzing this massive information. The resulting new information profoundly transforms our approach to physiopathology and the underlying biological mechanisms. To meet the new challenge of Big Data, the IHU ICAN has created a dedicated platform: ICAN Intelligence and Omics (I/O).

The expertise of the ICAN Intelligence and Omics (I/O) platform brings together the three essential bricks for carrying out projects around Big Data in health: 1- Data governance 2- Data collection and data management 3- Analysis and integration of multi-omics and clinical data.

The creation of this new platform is thus an answer to the evolution of modern technologies and the use of robust algorithms to meet the needs of researchers through a collaborative and holistic approach integrating multi-omics technologies and statistical analysis. ICAN Intelligence and Omics (I/O) provides its expertise to structure, collect and manage the large amount of data generated within the framework of research projects. Extraction, analysis and large-scale processing of unstructured, heterogeneous and often compartmentalized data from different stakeholders in research projects are part of the expertise of the ICAN Intelligence and Omics platform. The use of data, their circulation, processing, sharing, induces major challenges that the IHU ICAN tackles with the creation of this platform: that of the confidentiality of patient data, and the absence, to date, of mechanisms to standardize data transfer at European and international level.

The IHU ICAN has been addressing the issue of data for several months now, notably through the implementation of major research projects, such as Maestria, and relies on complete and secure management of the entire data “chain”, by structuring data collection thanks to a person dedicated to data governance, 2 data managers to collect, extract and classify the data collected and a data scientist to analyze them. The expertise of the ICAN Intelligence and Omics platform is backed by the legal department to answer regulatory questions.

The IHU ICAN is therefore positioned as a major international player capable of generating massive health data and, above all, of analyzing it and extracting the necessary knowledge in order to gain a better understanding of biology and thus contribute to improving public health.

The ICAN Intelligence and Omics (I/O) platform thus offers a service adapted for both academic and industrial research.