The endocrinology and reproductive medicine department has both a weekday and day hospitalization sector, an endocrinology and medical gynecology consultation, an exploration center (ultrasound, hystero-sonography), a infertility care center and a family planning center. In addition, the service is a team belonging to 2 reference centres: one for rare endocrine diseases of growth and the other for rare gynecological diseases. It is also the leading team representing the center for rare gynecological pathologies within the European network for rare endocrine diseases. The service includes 2 PUPH, 1 full-time PH, 2 part-time PH, 1 part-time contractual PH and 2 shared assistants.

Key figures

The activity is essentially centered on the outpatient management of patients with reproductive disorders, revealing endocrine pathologies. This activity is done a lot in consultation (10,000 patients per year) then in day hospital (more than 800 patients per year).

Service objectives

The service is a unique center of expertise within the AP-HP and in France with its double role in endocrinology and medical gynecology and a care organization focused on the patient who most often presents with rare endocrine diseases. Many of these patients are treated as part of an innovative program around the child-adult transition, TransEND

Recent major publications

Members of the team

Prof. Philippe Touraine

Head of Service, PUPH

Professor Anne Bachelot


Dr Carine Courtillot

PH Full Time endocrinology

Dr Zeina Chakhtoura

PH Part Time Gynecology

Dr Sophie Dubreuil

PH Part Time, Endocrinology, Infertility

Dr Nathalie Ly

Ph Part time Gynecology

Dr Tiphaine Le Poulennec

Shared Assistant

Dr. Alice Bialot

Shared Assistant

Sabine Malivoir


Isabelle Gambier


Blandine Chauvel

Social worker

Jerome Dulon

Clinical Studies Technician

Isabelle Tejedor

Clinical Studies Technician

Sandrine Bottius

Care pathway coordinator