What is lipidomics?

  • Lipids are small molecules that are insoluble or sparingly soluble in water. Lipids play an essential role in all biological species.
  • Lipidomics is the science of lipid composition in biological samples. Lipidomic alterations are observed in human tissues and fluids in pathological conditions, including cardiometabolic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and obesity.
  • Lipidomics combines state-of-the-art technologies to provide a holistic view of these perturbations, molecular details of altered biochemical pathways and biomarkers for therapeutic use.

ICAN Omics lipidomics platform

Cutting-edge technologies such as mass spectrometry coupled with gas or liquid chromatography enable IHU ICAN to guarantee ultra-sensitive, quantitative analyses of hundreds of lipid species in various biological matrices.

Our expertise

On the ICAN Omics lipidomics platform at IHU ICAN, 450 lipid species are routinely measured, including >, 70 sphingolipids and > These studies have led to dozens of publications in international peer-reviewed journals and several patent applications involving new disease biomarkers.”

Dr Anatol Kontush, Directeur scientifique (UMR ICAN 1166).

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Current developments

  • Long-chain acylcarnitines
  • Oxysterols
  • Negative-mode phospholipids with fatty acid elucidation in sn1 and sn2


  • GC-MS: Trace 1310/ISQ LT (ThermoFisherScientific)
  • LC-MS/MS: HPLC (Prominence Shimadzu)/ QTrap 4000 (AB Sciex)
  • UPLC-HRMS Acquity Wtaers/ QExactive (ThermoFisherScientific)
  • Pre-analytical automaton LV200 (Biotage)
  • Precellys Evolution homogenizer (Ozyme),
  • Positive pressure manifold (Waters positive pressure manifold – 96)
  • SPD131DDA speed vacuum concentrator with cryogenic trap (Thermo Fisher Scientific)


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Steering Committee

Dr Anatol Kontush (DR, UMR ICAN 1166)

Scientific Director

Marie Lhomme (IR, ICAN)

Operational manager

Scientific Committee

  • Dr G. I. Boneca (Pasteur)
  • Dr F. Fenaille (CEA)
  • Dr. I. Gomperts Boneca (Institut Pasteur)
  • Dr F. Lamari (APHP)
  • Wilfried Le Goff (UMR ICAN 1166)
  • Pr F. Mochel (ICM)


Access conditions

  • Download the form below and e-mail it to m.lhomme@ihuican.org.
  • Your project will be submitted to the steering committee.
  • Once approved, a quotation will be drawn up to initiate the project.

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