The generosity of donors, whether from companies or individuals, is essential to support innovation. Your donations are used to accelerate innovative projects, prove the scientific concept and then deploy them on a larger scale, explore new avenues of research, buy state-of-the-art equipment to save time and be more efficient, strengthen research teams, etc. Donations are a strength for the IHU ICAN teams. By making a donation to ICAN, you transmit your strength and a message of encouragement to the teams who mobilize on a daily basis.

Your donations are used to...

Accelerate research innovations

Acquire state-of-the-art equipment

Developing innovative care pathways

Develop products or services to improve the quality of life of patients

Recruit new research expertise

Support innovative imaging / big data projects

You can support the essential pillar scientific platforms of ICAN’s expertise.
Your donation will make it possible to acquire state-of-the-art equipment or to hire highly qualified personnel to develop new expertise.

You can support very innovative research projects in imaging . Imaging has become an essential new tool for improving diagnostics or therapeutic monitoring. Thanks to advances in AI and technological advances, imaging opens up a new field of research that is still very little explored to date. ICAN is a pioneer in this field with the acquisition of a latest generation MRI entirely dedicated to human cardiovascular research, platform is unique in Ile de France.

Your support is essential for the IHU ICAN teams,
thank you for your involvement! For more information, your privileged contact:

Francine Trocme
Communication and Sponsorship Department
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