Our research platform on chronic liver diseases

The ICAN BioCell Human Liver Biology Platform aims to produce primary human liver cells (hepatocytes and all non-parenchymal cells) and to develop primary cultured liver models in 2D or 3D (thin slices or spheroids) to study chronic liver diseases and in particular fibrosis and NASH

Our catalog

BioCell Human Liver Biology offers a catalog for the production and sale of different liver cell types:

  • Fresh human hepatocytes (HH)
  • Human liver myofibroblasts (HLMF) from normal, NASH, fibrotic and cirrhotic livers
  • Non-parenchymal cells (NPCs)
  • Endothelial cells, kupffer cells, immune cells…
  • Biliary epithelial cells from gallbladder
  • Thin slices of liver or precision cut liver slices (PCLS) “healthy” or pathological (NASH, fibrosis, cirrhosis)
  • Hepatic spheroid model

Our services for research

ICAN BioCell - Human Liver Biology also offers various services for research:

  • Fibrosis : we evaluated the sensitivity of hepatic myofibroblasts from different patients (normal and cirrhotic) to antifibrotic molecules using our Quanti-Fibrosis® platform. Our data established differential efficacy of these molecules revealing the impact of human polymorphism and disease background on drug susceptibility.
  • NASH : we have 2D and 3D models to study hepatic steatosis, whether or not associated with inflammation
    • Hepatocytes (HH) or PCLS from fatty livers
    • In vitro steatosis induction on normal HH or PCLS with fatty acids
  • Lipid metabolism (dosage of triglycerides, RedOil staining, genes involved in lipid metabolism (beta Oxidation, export of lipids, autophagy, lipogenesis, etc.)
  • Hepatic functional metabolism (albumin, CYP3A4 activity, ABC transporters…)
  • Viability and toxicity (MTT, ATP and HDL) and oxidative stress (ROS detection), pro-inflammatory cytokines (QPCR and ELISA)

Our platform is accessible to all academic research units and open to industrial projects.

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ICAN BioCell Human Liver Biology Platform
Pierre and Marie Curie Faculty of Medicine
Saint-Antoine site
27, rue de Chaligny, 75012
4th floor room 403

Lynda Aoudjehane (PhD)

Project manager & platform manager