Medtronic reinforces its support for medical research with the IHU ICAN!

Medtronic, a world leader in technologies, services and solutions for the medical sector, has decided to reinforce its support for the research work of the IHU ICAN by signing a 3-year agreement.

What types of work will this grant support? Discover below Medtronic’s commitment to medical research alongside the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital’s rhythmology unit.

Why support medical research with the IHU ICAN?

Cardiometabolic diseases are the 1rst cause of chronic diseases and death in France (diabetes, obesity, liver disease or “NASH”, heart and vessel diseases…). They increase considerably from year to year, and impact the lives of millions of French people.

To fight against this scourge, the IHU ICAN is developing numerous research projects that require significant investments, and the commitment of our sponsors allows us to accelerate innovations for the benefit of patients.

The generosity of donors and sponsors is invaluable in improving the care of patients suffering from these chronic diseases, which often lead to episodes of aggravation and hospitalization.

Medtronic’s commitment to cardiometabolic diseases

Medtronic’s invaluable support of the IHU ICAN will contribute to the financing of ambitious work on:

  • Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy,
  • The study of the characteristics and impact of treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders by catheter ablation,
  • Automated quantificationof subepicardial left atrial fat on CT and atrial strain on MRI in the ablation of atrial fibrillation…

Their donation will also support patient awareness actions with the creation of a website that will allow patients to find information on their pathology, treatments and ongoing research programs.

The entire IHU ICAN team warmly thanks Medtronic for its confidence!

Learn more about Medtronic’s commitment here.