Located in the heart of the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital and relying on a scientific and clinical community of international stature, the IHU ICAN has forged numerous partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, from large groups to young biotechnology companies, in through research and development activities.

IHU ICAN teams are able to intervene at many stages of drug development:

  • Advice and targeted expertise on preclinical and clinical strategy in the field of cardiometabolism and nutrition pathologies ( NASH , heart failure , diabetes and chronic wounds , rare diseases , etc.).
  • Technological platforms offering scientific support and analyzes in vitro, ex vivo and on biological samples collected as part of clinical investigations
    • ICAN BioCell IPS, with a diversified offer of differentiated cells from iPS cells (genomically edited or not) and the realization of custom services of cell differentiation, genomic editing (isogenic clones).
    • ICAN BioCell Human Liver biology, access to liver tissue (fresh or frozen) collected during biopsies performed in patients with different pathologies and documented etiologies.
    • ICANalytics Omics lipidomics and metabolomics for OMICS analysis of human or animal biological samples.
  • A clinical investigation platform ICAN Clinical Investigation specialized in the recruitment of patients suffering from cardiometabolic and nutritional pathologies, and supported by :
  • The first ICAN Imaging MRI platform dedicated to cardiovascular research in the Ile de France, based on :
    • International medical and scientific expertise (Cardiothoracic Imaging Center, LIB Laboratory)
    • An expert Corelab with proprietary analysis techniques
    • Resources allowing the identification and validation of new imaging biomarkers