IHU ICAN and MSDAVENIR sign a partnership for a unique heart/liver imaging project: ICONIC

The MSDAVENIR health research endowment fund, part of the MSD France pharmaceutical company, has joined forces with IHU ICAN to support the ICONIC project, which aims to create a heart/liver imaging atlas for the general population aged between 20 and 80.

With the signature of a 1.2 million euro sponsorship agreement, MSDAVENIR is providing major support for the pilot phase of this project, which will contribute to the creation of a world-unique repository of cardiovascular and liver imaging in young adults aged 20 to 40.

This combination of medical imaging and epidemiology will produce unique population data, including young adults.

ICONIC project: the 1st atlas of cardiac and liver imaging in the general population (< 40 ans)

The ICONIC project, supported by the Pr Alban Redheuil (Head of the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Imaging Unit at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Heart Institute) will be carried out on the ICAN Imaging platform of the ICAN IHU, in association with the INSERM CONSTANCES cohort, headed by Pr Marie Zins of Université Paris Cité.

In addition to the importance of population-based health data, these data will make it possible to a new understanding of the origins of disease and aging, their very early detection, the determination of new cardiovascular and metabolic risk profiles and individual setting up a multimodal imaging cohort reference for research into common and rare diseases.

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“ICONIC will be the first French multimodality imaging cohort to combine ultrasound and MRI of the heart, vessels, liver and adipose tissue, using the latest technologies and integrating young subjects under 40 from the Constances cohort. MSDAVENIR’s support is absolutely crucial to carry out the pilot phase of the project.

Prof. Alban Redheuil, Head of the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Imaging Unit at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Heart Institute and Scientific Director of the ICAN Imaging Platform.

“ICONIC brings together two major research infrastructures, the ICAN IHU imaging platform and CONSTANCES. Thanks to the support of MSDAVENIR, together we will be able to provide crucial new data to improve the prevention and treatment of many cardiometabolic diseases”.

Prof. Marie Zins, medical epidemiologist, lecturer and researcher at Université Paris Cité, director of Unité Mixte de Service 011 “Cohortes Epidemiologiques en Population”.

“We are delighted that the MSDAVENIR endowment fund is able to support the ICONIC project, which aims to create an atlas that is unique in the world. Thanks to its partnership approach with the Constances Cohort, this research program perfectly illustrates the ambition of our fund, which is to support the most innovative research teams in France.”

Dominique BLAZY, Chairman of the MSDAVENIR Scientific Advisory Board

IHU ICAN – Francine Trocmé – Director of communications and sponsorship – f.trocme@ihuican.org
MSDAVENIR – Emmanuelle Klein (LauMa communication) – emmanuelle.klein@lauma-communication.com