IHU ICAN obtains ISO 9001 v2015 certification, a guarantee of the quality of its services!

The ICAN University Hospital Institute, dedicated to the fight against cardiometabolic diseases, is proud to announce its ISO 9001, v2015 certification.

ICAN is the first UHI to obtain this certification, underlining the commitment of ICAN UHI teams to provide support for excellent research, integrating a quality approach and rigorous management processes and governance.

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ISO 9001: a guarantee of the quality of the products and services we supply

Several months ago, IHU ICAN embarked on a methodical and rigorous process to implement a quality management and continuous improvement system for all its activities: the clinical research cluster, technology platforms and support teams have all integrated the requirements of ISO 9001, v2015 into their practices.

  • ISO certification is an international recognition of an organization’s ability to manage its activities in accordance with the quality requirements of ISO EN NF 9001, v2015.
  • This certification, which attests to the recognition of the quality management of the products and services provided by the ICAN HCI, was issued under N° 2024/109689.1 by Agence française de normalisation (AFNOR).

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“Obtaining ISO 9001 certification confirms that our institute complies with high standards of quality management, covering governance and all our activities, from setting up research projects to providing research services via our technology platforms, including regulatory and legal support and our management processes. It’s a mark of recognition for the demanding work carried out by all the IHU teams, who have mobilized themselves in remarkable fashion. ” says Stéphane Barritault – General Secretary of IHU ICAN.

IHU ICAN, a center of scientific excellence with rigorous procedures

This certification is a mark of confidence for the researchers and doctors in the ICAN HCI scientific community, working in the laboratories of Sorbonne University and the Pitié Salpêtrière and Saint Antoine Hospitals, as well as for the platforms’ academic and industrial partners and customers.

ISO 9001 certification reflects the commitment of ICAN’s teams to working according to rigorous and efficient procedures, focused on customer satisfaction. The certification will also be a lever in the ongoing evaluation for renewal of the IHU label for 2025-2030.

“Obtaining ISO 9001 certification is a major milestone for our institute. It reflects our ongoing commitment to offering high-quality clinical and preclinical services, and to conducting cutting-edge research into cardiometabolic diseases. We are proud of this recognition, which testifies to the dedication and expertise of our teams” Professor Stéphane Hatem, General Director of IHU ICAN.