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The Foundation for Innovation in Cardiometabolism and Nutrition is a center of excellence in the field of cardiometabolism diseases: diabetes, obesity, liver diseases (steatosis), diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Created in 2011, the IHU-ICAN is a scientific cooperation foundation whose mission is to accelerate the fight against cardiometabolic diseases. These pathologies, chronic diseases, upset the lives of millions of people (children and adults) and represent the leading cause of death in France.

The experts of the ICAN foundation work tirelessly to push back the limits of scientific knowledge and support patients in their daily battle. Doctors and researchers are convinced that only innovative and multidisciplinary research will make it possible to fight these scourges more effectively by offering personalized care with innovative care pathways.


The ICAN Foundation constitutes a real concentration of expertise in care and research at the service of the patient and thus puts the best of basic, translational and clinical research at the service of patients to invent the medicine of tomorrow.

Our challenges

Cardiometabolic diseases are the leading cause of death in France and worldwide.
Diabetes, obesity, liver diseases (NASH), diseases of the heart and vessels are public health issues of today and tomorrow because the number of people concerned increases each year and they represent the first cause of death in France. and in the rest of the world.

Cardiometabolic diseases are diseases of a lifetime.
These are chronic illnesses, long-term illnesses that patients must learn to manage in order to avoid acute episodes which are a source of hospitalization and aggravation of the disease.

1 in 3 deaths

is linked to heart disease

i.e. 17.5 million deaths / year

2500 deaths / year

victims of fatty liver disease (NASH)

whose figure is expected to triple by 2030

Diabetes is the 4th leading cause of death according to the WHO

70% increase

deaths from diabetes

between 2000 and 2019

2.8 million deaths/year

victims of obesity

whose number has almost tripled since 1975

Obesity is the fifth leading cause of death according to the WHO

Our promise

Changing scale to invent the medicine of tomorrow in cardiometabolism.

By accelerating multidisciplinary collaborations to improve the understanding and management of cardiometabolic diseases, to reduce the number of acute episodes, increase healthy life expectancy, i.e. by improving the state of health throughout the life of people with cardiometabolic and nutritional diseases so that they can remain active and independent longer and in fact reduce medical and social expenditure.

Our vision

Cardiometabolic diseases represent a real scourge in the world. The fight against these diseases requires a revolution in their approach. We need to change scale by conducting collaborative research and offering multidisciplinary and personalized care.
Only innovative and multidisciplinary research will make it possible to offer personalized care to better combat cardiometabolic diseases.

Our missions

Fight against cardiometabolic diseases using 4 levers:

- Research

We bring together the best scientific and clinical strengths and the best processes to innovate and translate scientific discoveries into concrete clinical applications for the benefit of patients.

- The care

We are concentrating all our strengths to give patients access to innovation and to develop new care pathways integrating e-health at the service of patients. Care pathways are designed to offer a new model of personalized care for earlier diagnosis and reduced hospitalizations.

- Training and promotion

We are training the future generation of researchers and doctors in this new integrated approach between research and care.

Thanks to its integrated approach, the IHU ICAN has set up all the necessary synergies for its partnership project, which revolves around the detection of innovation and its promotion.

- Prevention

We make patients aware of the risks represented by cardiometabolic diseases and their evolution towards serious forms in order to act sustainably and change behavior in terms of lifestyle. Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention are an integral part of our reflections.

Our positioning

The concentration of expertise at the service of the patient

Focusing excellence to reduce cardiometabolic diseases by accelerating the transfer of innovations for the benefit of all patients

At the crossroads of public research and private research, the IHU-ICAN offers all the conditions necessary to set up innovative care pathways for patients with cardiometabolic diseases and to develop cutting-edge research to better understand the mechanisms of formation and spread of these diseases. IHU-ICAN teams are mobilizing to accelerate translational research in order to quickly transfer discoveries for the benefit of patients.

Our innovative approach is based on our ability to bring together and bring together the best expertise in all fields: scientific, medical, technological and to create links between the public and private sectors to combat cardiometabolic and nutritional diseases.

ICAN is a key player in emerging scientific fields: health data, imaging, e-health.

Our values





Our method

Support and organize future lifelong disease management:

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The expertise developed ranges from identifying the risk of each individual to smarter and more personalized treatment.

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Prevention and early diagnosis are major axes for a health model more focused on prevention and anticipating the structuring issues related to aging and the preservation of autonomy.

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The project aims in particular to develop very specific expertise in big data and digital tools in order to make them concrete and effective tools for research teams and patients.

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