Heroes’ Run 2022 : our commitment to fighting heart failure

On June 19, the IHU ICAN participated in the “Heroes’ Run ” 2022 (“Course des Héros” in French), an associative and sporting event that allows people to collect donations to support the cause of their choice: disability, education, rare diseases, precariousness etc.

Our teams have chosen to support the fight against cardiovascular disease, the 1rst cause of death in the world after cancer.

IHU ICAN would like to warmly thank the generous donors who made it possible to collect a total of €5,865in donationsduring this event!

Our collectors thank you!

Thanks to your support, our 12 collectors from the IHU ICAN got together on Sunday, June 19 to take the start of the Heroes’ Run and spread the word about our cause during this festive and friendly event at the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud (92).

Over a distance of 6km or 10km, walking or running, the event allows everyone to commit to a cause that is important to them, regardless of their level of sport.

What is the UTHop’AI / RobEduc project?

traitement diabète

The announcement of a heart failure diagnosis is an upheaval for patients. During his hospitalization, the patient will meet with multiple stakeholders to explain the new lifestyle habits to be applied upon his return home, but the dedicated time is often short and the repetition of key messages is important.

This project aims to raise awareness of therapeutic education for patients hospitalized for heart failure via a humanoid robot and artificial intelligence. This robot will complement the current inpatient care, in order to explain these new habits to patients.

Initiated at the request of the nursing staff, the project is led by Prof. Richard Isnard, Dr. Françoise Pousse and Dr. Lise Legrand of the cardiology department of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital (Paris 13th).

What will the collected donations be used for?

All the donations collected will help improve the care of heart failure patients by directly supporting the UTHop’IA / RobEduc project.

These donations will now be allocated to the engineering phase for the development of the robot’s mobility: electronic components, autonomous movement of the robot in the hospital (visits to patients’ rooms, opening of doors, etc.).

The next step will be the interaction of the robot with the patients.

Your donations are essential to support medical research on cardiometabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes, vascular and heart disease, etc.) alongside the IHU ICAN.