Soutenir la recherche médicale avec l'IHU ICAN

Join a great human adventure by supporting the IHU ICAN

By supporting the ICAN foundation, you participate in the development of comprehensive and tailor-made care for cardiometabolic diseases.

With the support of donors and patrons, the ICAN foundation is accelerating discoveries for the benefit of the patient on diseases linked to metabolism: diabetes, obesity, liver disease (NASH), cardiovascular diseases and inventing the medicine of tomorrow in cardiometamolism.

This so-called 5P medicine: Personalized, Participative, Predictive, Preventive and Proof is at the heart of the mobilization of ICAN experts with your support they will save precious time.

The 7 good reasons to support the IHU-ICAN

Take action in the face of a public health issue

Cardiometabolic diseases are constantly increasing in France and around the world. Diabetes, obesity, liver disease (NASH) and cardiovascular disease continue to progress and deteriorate the daily quality of life of those affected. These silent diseases in their development phase are often detected at an advanced stage when complications appear and they require hospitalization or more serious care. They can be the cause of heavy interventions such as amputations, organ transplants and they are the source of many deaths each year.

Cardiometabolic diseases as a whole are the leading cause of death in France.

Reason #1

Soutenir la recherche médicale avec l'IHU ICAN

Reason #2

Reason #2

Recherche médicale cardiométabolisme IHU ICAN

Support the excellence of French research on cardiometabolic diseases

A center of excellence in research, care, training and technology transfer in the field of cardiometabolic diseases, the IHU ICAN aims to invent the medicine, treatments and practices of tomorrow. The expertise of its scientific and medical community is recognized nationally and internationally. This expertise is based on the driving forces of its founders: AP-HP, INSERM, SORBONNE UNIVERSITE.

Accelerate the transfer of research progress for the direct benefit of patients

On the site of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital Group, the largest hospital center in Europe , the IHU-ICAN brings together researchers, doctors and patients .

This continuum between research and care guarantees the transformation of research discoveries into concrete benefits for patients . Clinicians have access to the best research teams and cutting-edge technological platforms at ICAN to evaluate innovative therapeutic strategies and researchers have access to essential clinical material and data to carry out innovative research projects.

The ongoing dialogue between research and care benefits patients who have access to excellent care.

Reason #3

Recherche médicale cardiométabolisme IHU ICAN

Reason #4

Recherche médicale cardiométabolisme IHU ICAN

Participate in innovative projects: Big Data, Imaging, e-Health

ICAN doctors and researchers lead innovative projects to improve patient care. The medicine of tomorrow is being built thanks to advances in technology, biology and the growth of data. Big data now makes it possible to build 5P or even 6P medicine: Personalized, Participative, Predictive, Preventive, Proof and Pathway to offer the patient tailor-made care.

The development of OMICs and imaging generate considerable amounts of valuable data for research. ICAN is very committed to big data to make it a concrete tool for progress. The processing of health data is a major challenge to be met in order to significantly accelerate scientific and medical innovations. To meet this challenge, significant financial investments are necessary (equipment, storage, processing, data manager, bio-informatics specialists, etc.). With your support, ICAN experts will be able to move faster.

Support a unique imaging platform in Ile-de-France

ICAN has chosen to acquire an MRI entirely dedicated to human research into cardiometabolic diseases. The acquisition of this latest generation 1.5T cardiovascular MRI has enabled the creation of the first cardiovascular and metabolic imaging platform by magnetic resonance dedicated entirely to humans in Île-de-France.

This platform provides unique access for academic, hospital and industrial research to advanced non-invasive quantitative imaging of the cardiocirculatory system, and development of metabolic imaging.

These new techniques, applied directly to humans, enable accelerated patient-centered translational research.

Reason #5

IRM recherche cardiovasculaire

Reason #6

Recherche médicale cardiométabolisme IHU ICAN

Participate directly and concretely in the fight against chronic and frequent diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and liver diseases including NASH...

Your donation is used directly by doctors and researchers to innovate in their missions. This short circuit ensures a quick and concrete use of your generosity. It also allows you to be informed of the progress made with your support.Your generosity is essential for the teams of researchers and medical staff who work with patients on a daily basis. With your donation, you become a partner of the research teams .

Have the guarantee of transparency in the management of donations

The IHU ICAN is a scientific cooperation foundation authorized to receive donations and legacies. Our status ensures full transparency in the management of donations. ICAN is subject to numerous controls by its supervisory authorities: National Research Agency (ANR), General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (IGAS), Ministry of Research and Higher Education, Ministry of Solidarity and health.

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