What is an IHU?

What is an IHU?

The University Hospital Institutes are centers of medical and scientific excellence created in 2011 thanks to the Future Investment Program launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Health.

“What is an IHU? Source: https://youtu.be/XEV5VEIqsX8

There are 7 IHUs and each IHU brings together teams of researchers, caregivers and companies around a unique clinical theme: cardiometabolic diseases, infectious diseases, rare diseases, brain diseases, robotic surgery, etc.

The mission of the IHUs is to integrate and accelerate the action processes of hospital-university research in order to disseminate biomedical innovations more quickly to patients and the economic fabric. In 10 years, the IHUs have demonstrated the power of a model of excellence bringing together in one place all the expertise needed to transform medical research into innovation.

A center of excellence in research, care, training and technology transfer in the field of health, the IHU invent the medicine, treatments and practices of tomorrow thanks to their scientific and medical expertise. Due to their clinical research and translational research model, the IHUs are also intended to serve as an interface with the private sector and its stakeholders to carry out partnership research projects.

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