IHU ICAN, a center of scientific excellence for cardiometabolic diseases

National Cardiometabolic Disease Week: we're all concerned! (FR) (FR)

Cardiometabolic diseases: we're all concerned! (FR)

Greetings 2024: discover the retrospective of our major achievements in 2023 (FR)

What is an IHU? (FR/EN)

How does the IHU accelerate scientific research? (FR)

How does the IHU improve patient care? (FR)

Major projects

MAESTRIA project: artificial intelligence for innovation (EN)

The importance of data interoperability in the MAESTRIA project (EN)

The ICONIC project: the 1st cardiac and liver imaging atlas for the general population (FR)

ICAN Imaging Research MRI Facility

Support research with us

Why support IHU ICAN? (FR)

A diabetic patient's ambitious project: climbing a 7,000 m summit (FR)

Support heart transplantation with us! Rejoignez la Course des Héros 2023

MASH (metabolic steatohepatitis)

Overweight and obesity

The MASH clinic: a unique treatment program in France for "fatty liver disease" (FR)

Overweight and obesity: how to avoid other cardiometabolic diseases?


Living with diabetes: testimonial from a type 1 diabetes patient (FR)

Type 2 diabetes: causes, diagnosis, treatments (FR)

Type 1 diabetes: causes, diagnosis, treatments (FR)

Microbiota, bariatric surgery: what impact on type 2 diabetes? (FR)

What role does the intestine play in the treatment of type 2 diabetes? (FR)

Type 1 diabetes research: what progress has been made? (FR)

The diabetic foot: complications and management (FR)

What care pathway for type II diabetes? (FR)

Familial hypercholesterolemia

What is familial hypercholesterolemia? 1 in 250 French people affected by this disease (FR)

What treatments are available for familial hypercholesterolemia? (FR)

LDL apheresis treatment for familial hypercholesterolemia (FR)

Follow Georges in day hospital! Familial hypercholesterolemia

A family affected by familial hypercholesterolemia: Nathalie's story

Living young with familial hypercholesterolemia: Luigi's story

What's the current state of research into familial hypercholesterolemia? (FR)

ANHET interview for HF 2022 week (FR)

What is hypercholesterolemia? (FR)

Training / education

Doctoral student or post-doc? Join the IHU ICAN's Summer Camp!

Lipidomics as a powerful tool for clinical studies (EN)

Patient care and management

Coroscanner or coronary scanner: how is the examination performed? (FR)

Coroscanner or coronary scanner: how is the examination performed? (FR)

Communications and Patronage Director

Francine Trocme