Objectives of the ICAN Omics metabolomics platform

The strategy developed within our ICAN Omics metabolomics platform is based on the following principles profiling of a wide range of metabolites using multi-disciplinary skills that combine bioinformatics, statistics and biochemical databases for interpretation of results using a high-resolution mass spectrometer coupled to chromatographic systems.

Services and Equipment

  • Metabolome study
  • Acquisition and interpretation of metabolomic profiles
  • Analysis and quantification of several families of metabolites
  • Advice and implementation of metabolomic assays
  • Annotation, identification and structural elucidation of metabolites (HRMS, MS/MS)
  • Development and realization of specific methods (‘Custom method’)

Targeted approach

  • Quantification absolue des acides aminés, voie du tryptophane, voie du métabolisme de la choline (TMAO, Choline…), acide gras à courte chaine (SCFAs), acides biliaires (en dvlpt)

Untargeted approach

  • Study of the global metabolome using several chromatographic methods
  • Detection of more than 200 metabolites in biofluids (plasma-serum)

Profiling method

Detection and relative quantification of microbiota-related compounds belonging to the

  • Method 1: amino acids, organic compounds, phenols, methylamines and some indoles
  • Method 2: Acylcarnitines, free fatty acids and bile acids

Biological study matrices

  • Sérum-Plasma, LCR, urines, fèces, Caecum, PBMC et cellules gliales.
  • Autres matrices sous conditions d’études pilotes

Contacter le responsable opérationnel pour plus d’informations – Farid Ichou f.ichou@ihuican.org

Networks and Collaborations

  • Training: reference platform for the Biomics course of the STA2E master’s degree from Université Paris Est Créteil
  • Local networks: UMS RésOmique (Sorbonne University), AP-HP, Inserm U1166
  • National networks: MetaboHub, RFMF, INSERM Microbiota Consortium
  • International networks: Metabomeeting, european regional metabolomics networks, Metabolomics Society

Access conditions

Access to our platform is via an analytical request.

The procedure after receipt of the request form is as follows:

  • Submission of the request form to the platform via “ Analytical request ” to the platform manager Farid Ichou: f.ichou@ihuican.org
  • Project evaluation and establishment of a tariff proposal
  • Validation of the specifications and signature of an estimate/agreement
  • Receipt of samples
  • Execution of the works according to the specifications (or the estimate)
  • Presentation of the final study report

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IBiSA label obtained in 2020. Know more.

Team and contact

Farid Ichou (IR, ICAN)

Operational manager

Philippe Lesnik, (DR, UMR ICAN 1166)

Scientific Director

Maharajah Ponnaiah (IR, ICAN)


Laura Desnouveaux

Research engineer

Nitharsshini Nirmalathasan

Engineer assistant

Scientific Committee

Prof. Fanny Mochel (ICM)

Dr. Foudil Lamari (APHP)

Dr. Ivo Gomperts Boneca (Pasteur Institute)

Dr. Francois Fenaille (CEA)

Wilfried Le Goff UMR (ICAN 1166)

Major Publications