International visibility

In 10 years, starting from zero, the IHU ICAN has gradually increased its attractiveness and its national and international visibility to become an internationally renowned institute in the field of cardiometabolic pathologies.

The researchers and clinicians of the IHU ICAN are thus involved in 19 large-scale projects, including 8 European ones.

Among these projects:

  • 2 are coordinated by researchers from the IHU ICAN (METACARDIS and MAESTRIA),
  • 1 ERN-type European project,
  • 4 European public-private collaborative projects of the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI),
  • 2 Transatlantic Networks of Excellence of the Leducq Foundation, a clinical investigation network of F-CRIN,
  • 2 public-private partnership projects for Hospital-University Research
  • 2 structuring projects for competitiveness clusters (PSPC).

The IHU ICAN teams have obtained a “consolidator grant” from the European Research Council and attracted more than 55 foreign researchers.

2 international laboratories have been created, one with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and the other with John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

The IHU ICAN has organized 6 international symposia (ICAN-series – 400 participants) on cardiometabolic diseases and participates in an international exchange program with the CMDO (Canadian Cardiometabolic Health, Diabetes and Obesity Research Network)